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Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal 2018 , Vol 22 , Issue 1
Review Article
Türkiye"de mide ülserinde kullanılan tıbbi bitkiler Review Article
Pages 001-014 DOI : 10.12991/mpj.2018.35
Kişniş (Coriandrum sativum L.) üzerine bir derleme Review Article
Pages 015-028 DOI : 10.12991/mpj.2018.36
Plants used as painkiller in traditional treatment in Turkey - ii headache Review Article
Pages 029-036 DOI : 10.12991/mpj.2018.37
Research Article
Factors affecting career plans of faculty of pharmacy students in Ege University and their evaluations about career symposium Research Article
Pages 037-043 DOI : 10.12991/mpj.2018.38
Comparatively investigation of grape molasses produced by conventional and industrial techniques Research Article
Pages 044-051 DOI : 10.12991/mpj.2018.39
evaluation of taste, total phenols and antioxidant for fresh, roasted, shade dried and boiled leaves of edible Arum palaestinum Bioss Research Article
Pages 052-058 DOI : 10.12991/mpj.2018.40
Comparative assessment of phytochemical composition, antioxidant and anticholinesterase activities of two Basidiomycota Truffle Fungi from Turkey Research Article
Pages 059-065 DOI : 10.12991/mpj.2018.41
Comparative phytochemical evaluation of natural and micropropagated plants of Bacopa monnieri (L.) Research Article
Pages 066-073 DOI : 10.12991/mpj.2018.42
In vitro antioxidant and cytotoxic activity of Muscari neglectum growing in Turkey Research Article
Pages 074-079 DOI : 10.12991/mpj.2018.43
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of Phlomis pungens and Coridothymus capitatus Research Article
Pages 080-085 DOI : 10.12991/mpj.2018.44
Determination of antioxidant activities of solvent extracts from an endemic plant: Phlomis leucophracta Research Article
Pages 086-090 DOI : 10.12991/mpj.2018.45
evaluation of anti-lipase activity of leaf and bark extracts from Aquilaria subintegra and A. malaccensis Research Article
Pages 091-095 DOI : 10.12991/mpj.2018.46
Methanol extract of Solanum violaceum root possesess antiobesity, hypolipidemic, thrombolytic and membrane stabilizing activity Research Article
Pages 096-102 DOI : 10.12991/mpj.2018.47
Cocos nucifera L. endosperm promotes healing of excised wound in BALB/c mice Research Article
Pages 103-109 DOI : 10.12991/mpj.2018.48
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