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Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal 2018 , Vol 22 , Issue 3
Review Article
Research Article
Evaluation of avocado (Persea americana Mill.) leaves in terms of public health Research Article
Pages 347-356 DOI : 10.12991/jrp.2018.74
Biological activity studies on the aqueous methanol extract of Anchusa undulata L. subsp. hybrida (Ten.) Coutinho Research Article
Pages 357-364 DOI : 10.12991/jrp.2018.75
Evaluation of antimicrobial activity of five Vincetoxicum taxa growing in Turkey Research Article
Pages 365-373 DOI : 10.12991/jrp.2018.76
Cardioprotective effects of Hypericum triquetrifolium Turra. against cyclophosphamide related cardiotoxicity in rats Research Article
Pages 374-385 DOI : 10.12991/jrp.2018.77
Hydroalcoholic extract of Zataria multiflora mitigates cisplatin-induced oxidative stress, apoptosis and hepatotoxicity in mice Research Article
Pages 386-395 DOI : 10.12991/jrp.2018.78
Anticancer, antioxidant properties and phenolic, flavonoid composition of Heracleum platytaenium plant methanolic extracts Research Article
Pages 396-404 DOI : 10.12991/jrp.2018.79
Simultaneous determination of selected flavonoids from different Cistus species by HPLC-PDA Research Article
Pages 405-410 DOI : 10.12991/jrp.2018.80
Licorice cream promotes full-thickness wound healing in Guinea pigs Research Article
Pages 411-421 DOI : 10.12991/jrp.2018.81
Effects of GPER-1 receptor activation on the reactivity of pulmonary vascular bed and its possible protective role on ischemia /reperfusion Research Article
Pages 422-428 DOI : 10.12991/jrp.2018.82
The protective effect of spironolactone and role of the Na+/K+-ATPase pump on intestinal ischemia/reperfusion injury Research Article
Pages 429-435 DOI : 10.12991/jrp.2018.83
Assessment of in vitro genotoxicity effect of homosalate in cosmetics Research Article
Pages 436-442 DOI : 10.12991/jrp.2018.84
Quantum-chemical free energy calculation of vinpocetine molecule release from sodium alginate Research Article
Pages 443-449 DOI : 10.12991/jrp.2018.85
Simple scanometric assay based on DPPH immobilized on pharmaceutical blister for determination of antioxidant capacity in the herbal extracts Research Article
Pages 450-459 DOI : 10.12991/jrp.2018.87
Electroanalytical determination of salbutamol in pharmaceutical formulations using cathodically pretreated boron-doped diamond electrode Research Article
Pages 460-468 DOI : 10.12991/jrp.2018.88
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