Editor-in-Chief Hatice Kübra Elçioğlu Vice Editors Levent Kabasakal Esra Tatar Online ISSN 2630-6344 Publisher Marmara University Frequency Bimonthly (Six issues / year) Abbreviation J.Res.Pharm. Former Name Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal
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Fungal infections I the immunocomprimised patients and new approaches in antifungal chemotherapy
Pages 187-197
Quality of life assessment of patients with metastatic lung cancer receiving platinum-based chemotherapy
Pages 120-130 DOI : 10.12991/201317380
Investigation of the effect of adjuvant chemotherapy in stage II colorectal cancers
Pages 998-1001 DOI : 10.12991/mpj.2017.22
Reduction of salivary tumor necrosis factor alpha levels in response to magic mouthwash with Curcuma xanthorriza in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy
Pages 055-061 DOI : 10.12991/jrp.2018.108
Assessment of patient relevant outcomes in knee osteoarthritis patients using the Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS) scale
Pages 786-792 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2020.231
Biological evaluation and molecular docking of Indonesian Gracilaria salicornia as antioxidant agents
Pages 207-220 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.304
Ipomoea pes-caprae Linn protects mice bone marrow cells against chemo-radiotherapy induced genotoxicity
Pages 395-403 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.321
Precisive Colon Cancer Treatment: Exploring Novel Avenues Of Cancer Treatment Through Multistage Nanocarriers
Pages 1096-1119 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.402
Pages 022-024 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.507
D-α-tocopherol polyethylene glycol (1000) succinatecontaining microemulsion enhances the anticancer effect of cisplatin in human lung epidermoid carcinoma cells
Pages 2389-2398 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.526
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