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Journal of Research in Pharmacy 2020 , Vol 24 , Issue 3
Research Article
Chronic effects of tramadol hydrochloride/paracetamol oral administration on haematological parameters and glucose level in Wistar rats Research Article
Pages 310-317 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2020.152
Oxidative stress and urinary system damage in fructose-induced rat model of metabolic syndrome: Effect of calorie restriction and exercise Research Article
Pages 318-325 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2020.153
In vitro effects of methylsulphonylmethane in MCF7 cells Research Article
Pages 326-333 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2020.154
Antiasthmatic activity of 2-piperidone by selective animal models Research Article
Pages 334-340 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2020.155
Synthesis, characterization and anticancer activity of novel hydrazide-hydrazones derived from ethyl paraben Research Article
Pages 341-349 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2020.156
Novel piperazine substituted indole derivatives: Synthesis, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities and molecular docking Research Article
Pages 350-360 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2020.157
Assessment of rational use of drugs using World Health Organization prescribing and patient care indicators in a tertiary care hospital Research Article
Pages 361-367 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2020.158
Formulation and evaluation of antifungal activity of gel of crude methanolic extract of leaves of Ipomoea carnea Jacq Research Article
Pages 368-379 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2020.159
Application of Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents (NADES) for Sappan Wood (Caesalpinia sappan L.) extraction to test for inhibition of DPP IV activity Research Article
Pages 380-388 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2020.160
Natural deep eutectic solvents ultrasound-assisted extraction (NADES-UAE) of trans-cinnamaldehyde and coumarin from cinnamon bark [Cinnamomum burmannii (Nees & T. Nees) Blume] Research Article
Pages 389-398 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2020.161
Comparative study of the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and urease inhibitory activities of Eryngium kotschyi Boiss. and E. campestre L. var. virens (Link) Weins extracts Research Article
Pages 399-409 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2020.162
Compression force effect on characteristics of loratadine-succinic acid cocrystal prepared by slurry method Research Article
Pages 410-415 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2020.163
Development and evaluation of a pH triggered in situ ocular gel of brimonidine tartrate Research Article
Pages 416-424 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2020.164
Nano-embedded microparticles based dry powder inhaler for lung cancer treatment Research Article
Pages 425-435 DOI : 10.35333/jrp.2020.165
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