Editor-in-Chief İlkay Küçükgüzel Associate Editor Aslı Türe Online ISSN 2630-6344 Publisher Marmara University Frequency Bimonthly (Six issues / year) Abbreviation J.Res.Pharm. Former Name Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal
Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal 2017 , Vol 21 , Issue 1
Plant Secondary Metabolites Demostrating Isecticidal Activity and Effect Mechanism
Çiğdem Aydın1, Ramazan Mammadov1
1Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi, Biyoloji bölümü, Pamukkale Üniversitesi, Kınıklı, 20020, Denizli, Türkiye DOI : 10.12991/marupj.259878 Although insecticides are used to protect our food supply, the negative health effects of insecticides may indicate that they do more harm than good. Alternative control methods include biologic control and biotechnological methods which chemicals are not or restrictedly used. Natural insecticides play important role on biotechnological methods. They are sophisticated compounds which are effective against target organisms, are safe to the environment and can be used without undue hazards to the operators or consumers because they are already present in nature. Because of these advantages, commercial preparats of some plant extracts are made and being used on control of some pests. In this study, plant secondary metabolites which insecticidal activity showing, essential oils and their effects mechanism have been reviewed. Keywords : secondary metabolity, insecticide activity,essential oil, interaction
Marmara University