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Journal of Research in Pharmacy 1986 , Vol 2 , Issue 1
The investigation of synthesis conditions of 3,3’,4,4’-tetraaminodiphenylmethane and its copper complex
Güler Selman,Emre Dölen
In the first part of the study 3,3’,4,4’-tetraaminodiphenylmethane was obtained as a result of a rearrangement reaction of bis(2-nitroanilino) methane in concentrated hydrochloric acid medium. The conditions of the rearrangement reaction were examined, the methods reported in the literature about this subject were reviewed and finally a new method was developed with which it is possible to obtain a more purified product than those obtained by other methods. And it was seen that this method is easier than the others. The optimal reduction conditions 3,3’-dinitro-4,4’-diaminodiphenylmethane with HCl and metallic tin to 3,3’-4,4’-tetraamino-diphenylmethane were determined. The formation conditions of the complex which was formed from 3,3’-4,4’-tetraamino-diphenylmethane with copper were studied and stability constants determined potantiometrically using Calvin-Bjerrum and Irwing-Rossotti methods. The ligand protonation constants were determined as K1=10.1010, K2=5.62.108, K3=3.98.106, K4=2.24.105 and the stability constants of copper complex as K1=7.08.109 and K2=3.16.107. The free energy change in the formation of the complex is ΔG=-23.177 kcal/mol. According to the formation curve, the number of the stability constants and the elemental analysis the formula of the complex was determined as C13H16N4.CuCl2. Keywords :
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