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Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal 2017 , Vol 21 , Issue 3
Chemical Constituents, Cytotoxic, Antioxidant and Cholinesterases Inhibitory Activities of Silene Compacta (Fischer) Extracts
Mehmet Boğa1
1Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Dicle University, 21280 Diyarbakir, Turkey DOI : 10.12991/marupj.306789 In Turkey, Silene species have been used as infusion in urinary bladder and biliary tract diseases in traditional medicine. Silene species have been also consumed as food in Anatolia and Europe. In this study, the phenolic, fatty acid and essential oil profiles and the cytotoxic, antioxidant and cholinesterases inhibitory activities, and total phenolic-flavonoid content of Silene compacta Fischer (SC) were studied. The essential oil and fatty acid compositions of S. compacta were determined by using GC/MS in the current study. The chemical composition of the methanol extract was determined using LC-MS/MS for quantitative and qualitative purposes. The major components of the essential oil and fatty acid were identified as α-selinene (12.4%) and palmitic acid (26.3%), respectively. The methanol extract (SCM: S. compacta methanol extract) which possessed the best activity in four tested antioxidant methods among the tested extracts exhibited very strong cholinesterases inhibitory activities. Additionaly, this extract indicated the highest cytotoxic effect against A549 cells. In the SCM extract, hesperidin and rutin, quinic and malic acids were quantified by LC-MS/MS as major contituents. Keywords : Silene compacta, LC-MS/MS, fatty acid, essential oil, anticholinesterase, antioxidant, cytotoxicity
Marmara University