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Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal 1995 , Vol 11 , Issue 1 - 2
Importance of phytochemical screenings studies and researches cerried on in Turkey
Nevin Tanker,Mehmet Koyuncu,Maksut Coşkun
Phytochemical screening studies are the first step of phytochemical investigations. These help researchers in choosing the proper plant/plants on which they want to study with a distinct group of compound. Our research group have dealt with the plants both sistematically and phytochemically in certain districts. In the first screening study (between 1981-1983) 340 species growing in Ermenek- Mut- Gülnar triangle on the Taurus Mountains belonging to ten families that are known as bearing medicinal plants were examined for their volatile oil, alkaloid, saponin, cardioactive glycoside, coumarin, flavonoid, anthocyanin, anthraquinone derivative and tannin content. By the result of this study we proposed about 50 plants being wırthy for further studies. Our second study (1987-1990) was carried on the plants of Idris Mountain (near Ankara). 268 species from 48 families were screened as done in previous study. The results show that 11 families of 48 were rich in saponin content, among them we can recommend at least 6 species for further investigations. 114 species of 268 gave strong flavonoid reaction while 142 of 268 species gave positive reaction for coumarin. Keywords :
Marmara University