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Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal 1994 , Vol 10 , Issue 1
Studies on the contact dermatitic properties of Pakistani Medicinal Plants. Part VI. Dermal irritating properties of Lavandula stoechas L
M. Asif Saeed,A. Waheed Sabir
The irritant potentials of Lavandula stoechas were investigated on albino mice. These effects were mainly due to the monoterpenes present in its esential oil, obtained by distillation from the flowering stalks. Six irritant compounds, cineole, fenchone, camphor, borneol, α- terpineol and caryophyllene from the oil were isolated and purified by chromatographic methods. They were identified by comparing their physico - chemical characteristics and chromatographic behaviour with authentic samples, The irritant behaviour of these compounds were evaluated by open mouse ear assay, while their potencies were compared by ID50 (Irritant dose in 50 % individuals) after the acute peak effects, which were calculated by probit analysis and by IU (Irritant unit after chronic time). Fenchone and borneol were stronger and persistent irritant than camphor and α- terpineol with least ID50 i.e. 0.415 μg/ 5 μl after 1.5 and 2 hours; while their reactions were lasted for 24 hours, with IU = 0.625 and 1.25 μg / 5μl respectively. Cineole and caryophyllene were the least irritating and least persistent compounds with higher values of ID50 i.e. 1867 μg / 5μl and 3.141 μg / 5 μl after 3.5 and 5.25 hours respectively. The reactions of latter compounds did not last more than 12 hours under the concentrations used. Keywords :
Marmara University