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Journal of Research in Pharmacy 2024 , Vol 28 , Issue 3
Anti-inflammatory activity of prednisolone drug loaded on carbon nanotubes
1College of Pharmacy, University of Babylon, Hilla, 51002, Iraq DOI : 10.29228/jrp.727 The activity of many anti-inflammatory drugs is limited due to inadequate tissue penetration and targeting efficiency and side effects of free drug. A properly designed delivery system can enhance therapeutic activity by overcoming these obstacles. This study aims to load prednisolone drug molecules on carbon nanotubes carrier (CNT) for improving its anti-inflammatory action and reducing the adverse reactions associated with using higher doses of the unloaded drug. CNT carrier was loaded with prednisolone by nano-extraction, and the morphology and size were determined by a scanning electron microscope. X-ray diffraction patterns and FT-IR spectra were utilized for characterization. While the anti-inflammatory activity of the loaded drug was examined biochemically through the assessment of interleukin-1 levels as an inflammatory marker using an in vitro tissue culture model composed of HeLa cells. These cells were stimulated with TNF-α to initiate the activation of the nuclear factor-κB as an inflammatory response. Successful loading of drug was confirmed through microscopic examination results which showed that CNT formed a network with bundles of prednisolone molecules grafted onto the surface, and these results were confirmed by X- ray diffraction and FT-IR. Whereas, the loaded drug still has its anti-inflammatory action, by significant lowering in interleukin-1 levels which was detected in TNF-α-stimulated cells treated with prednisolone loaded on CNT compared to unloaded CNT. In conclusion, this study demonstrated, for the first time, a successful loading of prednisolone to a CNT with a potential anti-inflammatory action making it a promising complex in treating inflammatory diseases with reduced therapeutic doses. Keywords : Anti-inflammatory action; Interleukin-1; Carbon nanotube; Prednisolone; Drug delivery systems
Marmara University