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Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal 1991 , Vol 7 , Issue 2
The purification of prothrombin from bovine plasma and its evaluation with HPLC
A.R.Uras,F. Uras,T. Yardımcı,O.N. Ulutin
In this study, “prothrombin complex” containing the vitamin K dependent proteins were isolated from bovine plasma by barium citrate adsorption and ammonium sluphate fractionation. Prothrombin was purified from prothrombin complex by DEAE Sephadex A-50 and Heparin Sepharose column chromatography methods. Each purification step was monitored by both SDS-PAGE and isocratic HPLC.

The prothrombin purification procedure was repeated twice. From 11L of a bovine plasma pool, in the first run 880 mg and in the second run 1050 mg prothrombin was obtained. The prothrombin was found to be homogenous by SDS-PAGE, but micro heterogenity was observed by isocractic HPLC. In conslusion, the preparative HPLC could be used as a furher purification method after the Heparin Separose chromatography step in the purification of protrombin. Keywords :

Marmara University