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Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal 1990 , Vol 6 , Issue 1
The effect of defibrotide on plasma proteins of Balb/c mice
Ersin Bayrakdar,Musa Ş. Uğur,Adile Çevikbaş,Turay Yardımcı,Orhan N. Ulutin
In this work, 12 mg/kg defibrotide was injected (i.v.) to BALB/C type mice everyday for 21 days. Blood samples were taken before, on 15th and on 21st days after injection. The samples taken before defibrotide administration were used as controls.

The total plasma protein level determined by the Lowry method was found to be 53.22±4.80 mg/ml for the controls and they were 57.44±7.82mg/ml on the 15th day and 71.94±20.00 mg/ml on the 21st day after defibrotide administration, respectively. The increase in the plasma protein level between the control group and 21st day group was found to be statistically significant.

The plasma protein distributions were obtained by DAVIS-PAGE and the protein concentrations in fractions were determined by gel densitometer. Albumin concentration was found 16.00±4.80 mg/ml for the controls. The 15th day defibrotide administration mean value was 15.90±1.60 mg/ml and 21st day it was 22.50±6.60 mg/ml. The increase in the 21st day was found to be statistically significant from both the control and 15th values. The mean value of α1 and α2 globulins when evaluated together was found to be 5.00±1.60 mg/ml for the control group and it was 5.10±2.10 mg/ml for 15th day and 5.80±2.20 mg/ml for the 21st day group. The difference were insignificant. The β-globulin levels were 9.50±2.30 mg/ml, 9.10±1.90 mg/ml, 14.00±4.80 mg/ml, for control, 15th and 21st day groups, respectfully. The differences between 21st day compared to control and the 15th day groups were statistically significant. γ-globulin fractions had protein values as 18.35±6.56 mg/ml, 27.40±5.03 mg/ml, 29.90±7.08 mg/ml, for control, 15th and 21st day groups, respectively. The differences between the control group and the 15th day, and 21st day groups were significant whereas the difference between the 15th and 21st day groups were found to be statistically insignificant.

When the protein fractions were determined by SDS-PAGE according to their molecular weights, the proteins with 68000 and 78000 Daltons were found to be significantly decreased after 15 and 21 days of defibrotide administrations. The other protein fractions obtained by SDS-PAGE showed increases in their protein content after defibrotide administrations. Keywords :

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