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Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal 1995 , Vol 11 , Issue 1 - 2
serum TSH, FSH and LH levls in hyperprolactinemic women with menstrual dysfunction
B.S. Uyanık,L. Yıldız,S. Kuşkay,I. Pirim,M. Küçük
Hyperprolactinemia is characterized with a galactorrhea and menstrual dysfunction. Previous studies on this studies on this subject have indicated that serum prolactin level is increased by hypothalamic thyrotrophin- releasing hormon (TRH). Serum thyrotrophin level (TSH) is initially measured concerning to diagnosis and treatment, since hypothyroidsm can induce galactorrhea. Moreover, it has been put forward that the defect on ovarial follicular maturation and corpus luteum function were observed in hyperprolactinemic women.

In this study, serum TSH, follicle- stimulating hormon (FSH) and inteinizing hormon (LH) levels were determined by immunoradiometric assay (IRMA) in hyperprolactinemic women with galactorrhea and menstrual dysfunction. TSH, FSH and LH levels of hyperprolactinemic subjects were compared to healthy control group. Our study groups were not receiving any drug such as oral contraceptives bromocriptin and thyroxin.

The results showed that FSH and LH were significantly (p< 0.05) lower than the controls while the difference for TSH level was not significantly (p> 0.05). In conclusion it can be postulated that additional PRL determination together with TSH, FSH and LH may be considered in galactorrhea and amenorrhea cases. Keywords :

Marmara University