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Journal of Research in Pharmacy 2023 , Vol 27 , Issue 6
Comparative evaluation of anti-obesity effect through pancreatic lipase inhibition of methanolic extract of the bark of Saraca asoca and Cynometra travancorica
Pattilthodika SUHAIL1,Parayil Varghese CHRISTAPHER1,Sheron JOSEPH2,Nochikat Velayudhan PRASANTH1,Musliyarakath NISHIDA1,Theruvath ANJU1,Smitha RANI3
1Department of Pharmacology, Al Shifa College of Pharmacy, Perinthalmanna, Kerala
2Department of Pharmaceutics, Al Shifa College of Pharmacy, Perinthalmanna, Kerala
3Department of Pharmacognosy, Al Shifa College of Pharmacy, Perinthalmanna, Kerala
DOI : 10.29228/jrp.533 Saraca Asoca, a member of the Caesalpiniaceae sub-family, is a native plant utilized extensively in ayurvedic medicine. This study compares the anti-obesity effect of methanolic extract of the bark of Saraca asoca and Cynometra travancorica, two common ingredients of many Indian traditional medicines. Plant material extracts were prepared using simple maceration technique. Adult 150-180 gm weighed Sprague dawley rats were used for high fat diet induced in vivo anti-obesity study for eight weeks. Weekly bodyweight was measured, and terminal serum lipid profile was estimated to assess the anti-obesity activity of standard drug orlistat (60 mg/kg) and extracts at a dose of 400 mg/kg. In vitro enzyme inhibition study was performed to assess the effect of standard or extracts on pancreatic lipase. Increase in bodyweight found corresponding with the normal weight gain for the control group whereas it is significantly increased with high fat diet fed group. While in the orlistat or extract treated found to have resisted significant changes in bodyweight (p<0.001). Terminal blood samples were collected from all animals and serum lipid profile were evaluated. An increase in the levels of TC, TG, and LDL of animals in high fat diet fed group when compared to normal control group. Whereas the increase lipid levels were reversed in all treated groups. HDL level found to have increased in standard and extract treated groups. In vitro enzyme inhibition study revealed the inhibitory potential of S. asoka (IC50 of 306.15μg/ml) and C. travancorica (IC50 of 301.94 μg/ml) on pancreatic lipase when compared with orlistat (IC50 of 262.17 μg/ml) (p<0.05). This study suggests that the methanolic extract of the bark of S. asoca and C. travancorica possess significant anti-obesity activity on high fat diet induced obesity rat model and in-vitro pancreatic lipase inhibition. Keywords : Saraca asoca; Cynometra travancorica; anti-obesity; pancreatic lipase inhibition
Marmara University