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Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal 1992 , Vol 8 , Issue 1
The determination of stability constants of N-salicylidene-L-cysteine iron, cobalt, nickel, copper and zinc complexes by potentiometric methos
Ayşen Kurt,Mürşit Pekin
The stability constants of the complexes which were formed N-salicylidene-L-cysteine with iron (II), iron (III), cobalt (II), nickel (II), coppper (II) and zinc (II) were determined potentiometrically by using CALVIN-BJERRUM and IRWING- ROSSOTTI methods, in this work. The protonation constants or dissociation constants of the ligand were found as logK1 or pK3 =11,99 as log K2 or pK2=10.15 ; as logK3 or pK1= 8,75 at 25° and for I=0,11. Also the overall formation constants of complexes were found as logβ2= 33.95 for iron(II); as logβ2 = 36,00 for iron (III); as logβ2 =28,00 for cobalt (II); as logβ2 =19,90 for nickel(II); as logβ2= 8,40 for copper(II); as logβ2= 21,30 for zinc(II) at 25°C and for I = 0,11. The conditional formation constants and the formation pH ranges of complexes were determined. The composition of metal complexes were determined as metal/ligand =½, except for copper complex. The composition of copper complex was determined as metal/ligand = 1/1. Keywords :
Marmara University