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Journal of Research in Pharmacy 2023 , Vol 27 , Issue 1
The anatomical features of Cirsium caucasicum (Adams) Petr. (Asteraceae): root, stem, leaf and phyllary
Muhammed Mesud HÜRKUL1,Şeyda YAYLA1
1Department of Pharmaceutical Botany, Faculty of Pharmacy, Ankara University, Yenimahalle 06560 Ankara, Türkiye DOI : 10.29228/jrp.244 In this study, the anatomical structures of the leaf, stem, root and phyllary of Cirsium caucasicum (Adams) Petr. were clarified. The plant material was collected from Şavşat-Ardahan (Türkiye). The cross and surface sections were cut by hand with a razor blade into microscopic preparation form. The Sartur solution was used in microscopic examinations. According to the results, the leaf is dorsiventral and the epidermal layers contain stomata on both surfaces. In the midrib, besides the main vein, lateral veins are also observed. The upper epidermal layer of the leaf lamina is furnished with setae. The leaf surface is various in terms of cover hairs. The glandular hairs appear on both surfaces of the leaf. The flowering stem is grooved-circular. The non-glandular hairs, glandular hairs and stomata were observed on the epidermis layer of the stem. The vascular bundles are embedded in the pith cells and protected like a cap by pericyclic sclerenchymatous tissue. The root consists of periderm, sclerenchymatous pericycle, secretory canals and vascular tissues. The pith region is composed of completely lignified cells. The secretory canals are arranged regularly in the periphery the root. The cells in the outer and inner epidermis layers of the phyllary are lignified and the secretory canal is located under the sclerenchyma at the outward protrusion, it is accompanied by the vascular bundle. Keywords : Asteraceae; Cirsium caucasicum; plant anatomy; leaf; stem; root; phyllary
Marmara University