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Journal of Research in Pharmacy 2022 , Vol 26 , Issue 5
Formulation optimization and evaluation of oral thin film of bilastine for the treatment of allergic conditions
Abhishek KANUGO1,Yash GANDHI1
1Department of Pharmaceutics, SVKM NMIMS School of Pharmacy and Technology Management, Shirpur, Dhule, India-425405 DOI : 10.29228/jrp.214 Allergic rhinitis or allergic conditions are associated with the symptoms such as running nose, frequent headache, sore throat, watering of eye, and sometimes coughing as well as eczema also. The delay in the treatment or ignorance may leads to severe health problems like asthma, inability to sleep, severe redness, etc. Bilastine is potent H1 antihistaminic agents used in the therapy of allergic conditions and rhinitis without inducing drowsiness. The current research focused on developing oral thin film of Bilastine for all the allergic conditions. The hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) was selected as film former and the physical interaction with Bilastine was confirmed with FTIR. The 3 3 Box-Behnken design was applied in the designing of oral thin film which predicted 17 possible runs in Design of Expert (Version 11). The film former (HPMC E15: X1) plasticizer (PEG 400: X2) and superdisintegrants (CCS: X3) were selected as independent parameters and disintegration time (Y1), folding endurance (Y2) and in-vitro dissolution release (Y3) as dependable parameters in the development of oral thin film. The film was prepared by solvent casting method and evaluated. The optimized batch F10 tested for weight variation, folding endurance (135), disintegration time (12 sec), percentage of dissolution (98.70%) and found stable during accelerated stability studies. The fast-dissolving oral thin film of Bilastine (F10) was developed which showed prompt relief from the allergic conditions. Keywords : Oral thin film; bilastine; allergic rhinitis; hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose; box-behnken design
Marmara University