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Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal 1990 , Vol 6 , Issue 1
Investigation of the effect of defibrotide on plasma proteins of atherosclerotic subjects by polyacrilamide gel electrophoresis
Ersin Bayrakdar,Turay Yardımcı,Musa Ş. Uğur,Orhan N. Ulutin
In this work, 10 mg/kg defibrotide was injected (i.v.) to 8 cases with atherosclerosis. Blood samples were taken before and 2 hours after defibrotide administrations. The total protein levels in plasma were determined by the Lowry method. The protein concentrations were 90.16±9.60 mg/ml and 94.40±7.40 mg/ml before and after defibrotide, respectively. This increase was insignificant.

The protein contents of plasma protein fractions were determined by gel densitometer after DAVIS-PAGE. The albumin concentrations were 45.90±6.60 mg/ml and 46.75±6.60 mg/ml, the α1 + α2-globulin concentrations were 3.75±2.00 mg/ml and 4.90±2.50 mg/ml, the β-globulin concentrations were 5.40±2.40 mg/ml and 7.00±3.60 mg/ml, the γ-globulin concentrations were 34.84±5.97 mg/ml and 37.80±7.56 mg/ml before and after defibrotide respectively. The increases were insignificant.

The plasma proteins were also separated according to their molecular weights by SDS-PAGE, 2 hours after a single administration of defibrotide, although some increases on the protein content of some of the fractions were observed, these differences were statistically insignificant. Keywords :

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